Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hard Working Girls!

The girls have been working overtime this week!

We have hatching eggs available and are working on our egg selling stand :-)

Although a cellphone camera doesn't do justice to the colors of these eggs at least it shows you the variety! We do not have any white egg layers.. so, the white ones are actually blue.

Hatching Eggs..
-Easter Egger
-Olive Egger
-Rhode Island Red
-Birchen Marans (limited)

Monday, March 10, 2014

A new beginning

Wow. It's been over a year since I've updated this website. Partly because of yet another move. Partly because I couldn't figure out how to access the account when I forgot the password and partly because of work and life.

Yes, we've moved yet again. We've been here for about 8 months and are still working on getting our flock down to what we definitely want to breed and then building up those numbers. We are slowly but surely getting it done.

We are trying to get rid of our mixed breed and hybrid birds and breeds that we do not want to pursue in our breeding program. We did however make the mistake of allowing some of the birds to become our pets... Hence we have not processed a single rooster yet!

We are working on building up the numbers of the desired breeds. Like this Birchen Maran. His lady lays the darkest eggs I've seen yet. So.. we are hatching every egg she graces us with. We are fortunate enough to have 2 handsome boys like this so getting a good breeding flock started shouldn't take much more than 6 months :-)

The top row is our Birchen Maran hens eggs. Bottom row is Americuana/Maran crosses that will create beautiful olive layers

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So much to do!

None of these photo's are mine. I found them all on google image search to help describe the tasks at hand.

1st we must inspect all plumbing once the water is full at the cistern and running. We need to check for leaks and insure that all necessaries are working (ie toilet!)

2nd we need to repair the ceiling in the living room. It has been damaged in the past by two separate roof leaks. We plan to tear out the old, recheck for leaks and then replace insulation with new and perhaps replace the ceiling with some light colored bead board?

3rd we need to work on drywall for the entire house! We wont be drywalling the front room as we want to keep the rustic charm of the log cabin addition. Of course I would like to do all of the trim with some sort of rough wood!

4th we will need to paint all of said drywall!

Somewhere in there we have several soft spots in the flooring that will need to be repaired!

Then we need to tackle the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. They are outdated and in need of repair.

Not a necessity but I really want to build a root cellar!

And.. last but not least! We absolutely MUST have a chicken coop!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

This is the beginning of our journey! We are relocating to my old "homeplace" in the mountains of Virginia. Here we will spend countless hours just doing maintenance I'm sure plus will be raising several teenagers, some dogs, lots of chickens and maybe even some goats and pigs.

This is the before and after of just the front room at the "new" place. After cleaning up from and old tenant we finally can see the light! This log addition was built by my father (Theresa's) and uncles 25-30 years ago. We will be placing a small woodstove in the corner again!

This is Mark. And, this is the location of the original spring house that my father and uncle put in over 25 years ago. After several hours we managed to get the water flowing again, got the spring house relined and it is currently filling up as we speak!

Join us on a wild adventure from city back to country where we will not have to pay another water bill! Where we will not pay for natural gas because we will have wood to burn for heat! Where we will raise our own vegetables and a good amount of our meat (hopefully!)

I'm sure it will be a wonderful adventure full of all sorts of grand ideas, tear jerking mistakes and and endless supply of reading material :-)